Stay connected on the move this summer with SCRIBZEE and EVERNOTE

There’s a red circle around the date in your diary: time to go on holiday! But travelling also means getting organised. So EVERNOTE and SCRIBZEE® are inviting you to discover another way of getting away – and making the most of it for a long time.

Tick all the boxes before you set off!

The check-list is a handy way of sorting out your packing both when you set off and when it’s time to come home, so nothing gets left behind!

By creating your EVERNOTE and SCRIBZEE® accounts you can:

  • write your check-list directly in EVERNOTE and even add boxes to tick.
  • save your handwritten note in your SCRIBZEE® folder and then transfer it from the app to your EVERNOTE travel journal.
Handy tip

Use the alerts in the new “Calendar” function in SCRIBZEE® so you don’t forget when and where to meet your friends at the airport and remember to print your vouchers for the train, pick up your passport from the town hall, etc.

Turn your smartphone into a tourist guide

Before you leave, you’ll have worked out what you want to visit, when the salsa class and bungee jumping are on, which restaurants are tourist-traps and the ones you really mustn’t miss. To make it easier to keep track once you arrive, you can:

  • Include links (to websites, forums, blogs, etc.) and photos (of places, restaurants, beaches and more) you find as you search, along with the handwritten notes you’ve already filed in SCRIBZEE® in your EVERNOTE travel journal.
  • Organise your notebooks: “Restaurants”, “Museums”, “Towns”, “Parachuting”, etc.
  • Because the information is even accessible offline, you can check it on your smartphone whenever you choose.
Handy tip

Use the EVERNOTE category search to find the information in your different notebooks even more easily.

Travel with complete peace of mind

A trip that promises to be idyllic can soon turn into an obstacle course if you don’t have the practical and logistical information you need: the name and address of the hotel, the booking number for your hire car and a map for collecting it, your flight times, a scan of the vaccinations you had before you left, the phone number of the embassy or a local taxi firm, and so on.

Once again, EVERNOTE and SCRIBZEE® can help:

  • Use your EVERNOTE e-mail, which is automatically assigned to you when you create an account, to talk to your various contacts (hotels, taxis, car rental firms, etc.).
  • Once you’re logged into your EVERNOTE journal, you can file your correspondence directly in your notebooks with a single click.
  • Use it to make a digital copy of your important papers (passport, identity card, social security card, insurance number, etc.) and file it in your “Administration” notebook, for example.
  • And add the SCRIBZEE® notes you made in your OXFORD notebook, for example when you called the hotel or restaurant where you’ve made a booking.

The travel journal you can enjoy sharing

What do you always say when you’re on holiday? “I never go anywhere without my notebook!” You love making notes, sketches and comments on everything. But the more people you meet and places you visit, the more wonderfully chaotic it gets, making it difficult to find information quickly.

  • Why not capture all these precious notes at the end of the day with SCRIBZEE®? Then you can file them in your EVERNOTE notebooks.
  • Using the EVERNOTE Web Clipper, you can easily add snaps of restaurant menus, tourist brochures and other items to add to your handwritten notes.
  • When you get back, you can have fun creating a really handy guide based on your notebooks, send it to your friends or keep it for your next trip: “10 things to know before you go to Brazil”, “Top 5 restaurants in Macao” and “To-do list for a great trip to Madagascar”.
  • If you subscribe to EVERNOTE Premium, you can even allow your friends and family to amend and add to your notebooks.

Save time and enjoy the experience: with EVERNOTE and SCRIBZEE®, you can make the most of your holidays before, during and for a long time afterwards!