SPOT NOTES®, the smart memo solution that keeps all your notes to hand

Who hasn’t stuck memos on their PC with important ideas, phone numbers or urgent to-dos only to find that these little notes have mysteriously disappeared when needed, or are not to hand when you’re away from your desk.
Introducing SPOT NOTES®, the smart memo solution you can store on your phone and retrieve anytime, anywhere.

With SPOT NOTES®, you can scan, store and retrieve.

SPOT NOTES® have SCRIBZEE® corner markers so that you can make high-quality scans. After scanning, memos are captured and stored on the cloud and can be accessed at any time from your smartphone or tablet.

Top tip:
To scan SPOT NOTES®, press the square icon at the bottom of the scan screen. To scan a standard page, press the rectangular icon .

Use alerts and sharing!

With the “Alert” function, you can schedule an automatic reminder for a meeting or a task. Just use the “Alarm” icon to set the alert to the appropriate day and time.
You can also share your notes with friends or colleagues using the sharing options on your smartphone (email, text, social media, etc.).

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