With SCRIBZEE®, travelling light for work is made easy!

I have to travel more and more often. I appreciate the facilities available on the train and being able to think, read and work. The carriages are usually equipped with power sockets and on some train’s you can make use of the Wi-Fi. All that remains is to get to work! But you must plan in advance so you can travel light!

The tray tables are so narrow, there’s only just enough room for a laptop! Nothing else! In this situation, the best idea is to carry your notebook and your handwritten notes on your device and with SCRIBZEE®, it’s very simple.

Experience in 4 points and supporting photos:

  1. Taking notes in meetings

As always, I take notes in my OXFORD Black n’ Red notebook, “my little favourite”, because of its size (it just slips into my bag) and its hardback cover. What’s more, the page ribbon allows me to identify the pages in my notebook that I need to scan with SCRIBZEE® before my trip.

  1. Creating folders and organising notes

What I love about SCRIBZEE® is that you can sort and organise your notes on your phone directly and, with the Cloud made available by SCRIBZEE®, you can access them easily and then save them on your computer with the online version. Goodbye to USB pen drives and hard discs. Using it on the train is really so easy. All I need is my computer!

  1. Using the split screen

Being able to open the split screen on my computer makes report writing easier still. On the left, my notes scanned with SCRIBZEE® (easily-readable on a white background and expandable at a touch), and on the right, the page lets me write my meeting report on the computer. Done and dusted; I haven’t forgotten anything and I haven’t lost my notes.

  1. Saving in a single folder

For greater security, and to be able to add further replies to the recipient of my work if needed, I save my report in the same folder on my computer with the SCRIBZEE® notebook. The train pulls into the station. I haven’t noticed the time flying by. And I have the satisfaction of a job well done and with less stress… Thanks SCRIBZEE®!

On the train, I just have room for my computer on the tray table. So I’ve got my notes on the left of the screen and my report is taking shape on the right.

By Marie-Christine Lefebvre, Lecturer in Communications.