Use SCRIBZEE® for capturing and viewing mind maps

By Marie-Christine Lefebvre, Lecturer in Communications

When organising training sessions on neuroscience, I use mind maps as an educational tool with the trainees. This visual method of organising information provides a means of structuring a concept by showing the relationships among pieces of the whole. It improves memorisation.

But, how can someone’s work be shared with several people comfortably? Oxford notebooks and the free SCRIBZEE® application provide the ideal solution.

 Distributing the pages of an Oxford Managerbook

Mind maps are always horizontal. The lining of Oxford Managerbook has been designed to be used vertically, i.e. for taking notes in a conventional way, and horizontally for creating mind maps.

Developing your way of understanding

Every trainee creates their map using colours, keywords, drawings and symbols. Different people produce completely different maps for the same concept. As such, it is very interesting to be able to compare them so that as much light can be shed on the concept as possible.

 Projecting a perfect copy with SCRIBZEE®

SCRIBZEE® creates a high-quality scan. The definition and sharpness mean that the trainees can look at everyone else’s work when the maps are projected on the screen. The trainees can easily see the comments I make on their work.

 Making the most of a compatible PDF that can be archived

The SCRIBZEE® application is used to turn handwritten notes into a multi-page PDF file so that all of the maps are contained in a single document, which I can share with my trainees by email.

Lastly, I encourage trainees to download SCRIBZEE® to keep a perfect digital copy of their maps so that they can one day look at them with their own students (Hah! Yes! My trainees are in fact teachers!).

Creating a mind map on the concept of “Neuroscience”

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