8 great tips for improving your note-taking skills in class

Note-taking helps you participate actively and focuses your attention. It’s also a valuable aid when it comes to preparing for your exams. A few simple rules, combined with using the SCRIBZEE® by OXFORD app, will significantly improve your skills in this area.

1/ Pay attention: successful note-taking is about grasping what’s essential and ignoring what’s superfluous. If you try to write everything down, you can panic and lose the thread.

2/ Re-read the notes from your previous class to really immerse yourself in the subject, so that you’re immediately in a position to understand what the teacher is saying.

3/ Create a little index at the front of your notebook to record and remember abbreviations and symbols you can use to save time.

4/ Be careful with your writing so that you don’t stumble over a complex word when you’re re-reading your notes.

5/ Leave space between each idea to annotate or add to your notes later.

6/ Use the left-hand margin to add numbers or highlight the importance of a particular point by identifying it with a symbol.

7/ Once you’ve taken your notes, scan your pages using the SCRIBZEE® app connected to your OXFORD notebook.

8/ Then file them in the app by subject or month. You’ll be able to find and read them easily on your smartphone at any time.