INTERVIEW : Laurence Einfalt, organisational expert

If you’re looking for ways to optimise your time and become more efficient, check back for regular tips from organisational expert Laurence Einfalt on the SCRIBZEE® blog. To get to know Laurence, we asked her four questions about her job and how using Oxford notebooks and SCRIBZEE® can help us become more organised.

1/ Laurence, what does your job as personal organisation consultant and trainer entail?
Since 2004, I’ve been helping people and businesses become better organised, whether it’s at home or at work. The aim is to move all of their projects forward at the same time, without any hassle. In companies, I train employees to be more efficient and calmer. But I also work with tradesmen, retailers and professionals.

2/How and when did you get to know the Oxford brand?
I’ve been familiar with Oxford since my student days! So, naturally, my first professional organisation tool was that notebook in the International range with the distinctive orange, red and black colours. Ever since, I’ve been regularly recommending the notebooks from that range or the Office European Book range. Or the ones in the Beauty range: everyone loves the colours and sizes.

3/ Why do you recommend a notebook or notepad for getting organised?
If we want to always have a complete picture of what we have to do and be sure not to forget anything, we need a tool that very quickly “captures” our ideas and intentions. For the vast majority of us, paper and pen are the shortest route from our brain to a lasting medium. A notebook is great for getting things down on paper, making it all clear and keeping information safe and accessible. And if it also has repositionable dividers, you can arrange it to suit yourself. For example, you can have a divider for things to do; a divider for your meeting notes; a divider for your thoughts. It’s simple to use and you can take it everywhere: it’s a must-have for personal organisation.

4/ What benefits do you think can be gained by using the SCRIBZEE® app to scan and save your notes?
Users increasingly want to scan the information they handle and bring it all together on their everyday digital tools. Having everything on hand, any time, any place, is everyone’s dream! But there’s a clear gap between jotting things down on paper (which is spontaneous, natural and convenient) and the apps we use on our smartphones, tablets and computers. Secondly, because we’re handling such huge amounts of information, the question of storing it all is becoming acute. What’s the point of filling up pages of my notebook if I can’t easily go back to what I noted there? SCRIBZEE® meets both of these requirements: switching effortlessly between paper and digital, and being able to quickly locate information, even old information. This app lets us keep the best of both worlds.