With SCRIBZEE®, my creativity sessions are no longer a paper storm!

With SCRIBZEE®, my creativity sessions are no longer a paper storm!

By Marie-Christine Lefebvre, Lecturer in Communications.

As an expert in creativity, I help my clients to find brand names, ideas for new products and new concepts. But a creativity session involves brainstorming where everything goes and in all directions, but the ideas absolutely must be saved!

Here, using a PC is out of the question! As session leader, I write everything down, and to do that I use Oxford Smart Charts flip charts and Oxford Spot Notes® post-its. The participants come up with as many ideas as possible and the free SCRIBZEE® app, which allows you to scan, save and share all your handwritten notes, helps me organise their reproduction.

Before this app existed, my moment of panic was on leaving a creative session: I mustn’t forget anything or let any ideas get away. The only answer I’d been able to come up with was to collect everything in a plastic envelope… But this wasn’t ideal when you took things out and found them all mixed up…

SCRIBZEE® has brought order to my creativity!

My “Creativity” Experience in 5 points!

1. Put large flip chart sheets of paper up on the walls beforehand

The Oxford Smart Charts pad with replaceable pages, is a wonderful tool! The sheets can be placed on almost any type of surface very easily and torn off without ripping. It’s perfect for writing on, just like a board.

2Give out sticky notes in a range of colours beforehand

The advantage of Spot Notes® coloured memos is that they can be organised into topics during the session (the Hot Potato game, the Chinese Portrait game etc…).

3. Manage your Treasury with the SCRIBZEE® app

With regards to Smart Charts, I take pictures of all the sheets with SCRIBZEE®. Taking snapshots allows me to sort and save them in a (client) Creativity Folder and to work with this Thesaurus (all the terms and words suggested) directly on my PC using a split screen. Before, I used to need someone to dictate the whole Thesaurus to me to have it in Word! I save so much time thanks to SCRIBZEE®!

4. View the ideas written on sticky notes in Memos

The same goes for the ideas on the Spot Notes® memos, which are also part of the Thesaurus. I take snapshots of them, based on groups to be assembled and I can work with them in the Memo folder in the app.
It’s clear that ideas can’t escape me anymore!

Don’t forget: To take SCRIBZEE® snapshots of Spot Notes®, don’t forget to change the camera viewer setting in the app (select the square icon at the bottom left of the screen).

5. A manageable, digital Thesaurus

Now I feel sure of myself. Everything is scanned and classified. I can work on the relationships between the ideas, the shared groups and the links. And of course, update the innovative leads and brand names which my client opts for.

To sum up, thanks to SCRIBZEE® I can scan my creativity session, made up of scraps of paper, and structure my research.