“Starting Over is a Sign of Strength” – Written by Alex

Nine years ago, when I was 26, I was working in a dead-end job with no qualifications and I decided that I had to turn my life around.

So, I handed in my notice with no job to go to and no idea what I wanted to do. I only knew that this was my last chance and I had to make it big and worthwhile.

The first thing I did was go out and but an Oxford Black n’ Red A4 hardback notebook.

For two months I sat in my room and spent the entire day jotting down ideas, taking notes on leads and information I’d found as I tried to figure out what I wanted to do. I filled the entire book out with scribbles, information, dead ends and epiphanies.

I finally concluded that I had to first go back to college and then university and start at the bottom, which was pretty daunting at 26, having to get a part time job and study with a group of teenagers when my friends all had steady jobs.

Nine years later and I’ve been to university part time through a company I was working for and now have a very good job.

A few months ago, I was waiting on a platform on the underground, on my way to my head office to discuss a promotion to senior management, when I looked up and saw your advert on the wall (below).