Use SCRIBZEE for making and storing student papers!

By Marie-Christine Lefebvre, Lecturer in Communications

When you’re a lecturer how do you go about marking your students’ papers as and when you like, including while on the train, while spending a weekend at your parents-in-law or while sat in the car waiting to pick up your kids, and then securely archiving the papers?

Taking your laptop everywhere you go is straightforward, but carrying your students’ papers everywhere you go is most impractical,

I started using SCRIBZEE® and now marking my papers without having the actual papers in front of me and adding annotations that can be read by the students is a reality!

Here’s my experience with SCRIBZEE® in five bullet points!

 Oxford Copies Doubles compatible with SCRIBZEE®

I told my students about using Oxford Double sheets, a SCRIBZEE® -compatible product, to make scanning and processing the papers easier afterwards.

 SCRIBZEE®  in action

Once the papers have been collected, I use SCRIBZEE® to scan the front and back of them. I create one file per student with the scan of their paper and then I group all of the files together in a single folder in SCRIBZEE® . Thus, all of the papers for the same bit of work are stored in one place, which means I can find them easily.

 Marking on the go

I use SCRIBZEE® to export my notes in PDF format to my PC so that I can access them anytime, anywhere. To mark the paper, I use Acrobat®, which lets me highlight and write comments digitally.

 Marking and saving my notes 

I mark the papers by referring to the “official” paper, which I have already prepared, and then I allocate a grade. I then go back to the graded papers and I copy and paste the grades and comments in the school’s digital report. Late nights spent recopying are now a thing of the past!

 Handing the papers back to students 

I email the marked papers back to my students. This way, they have a long-term record of my comments about their work.

In conclusion, SCRIBZEE® lets me use my smartphone to scan my students’ papers as soon as the class has finished or later on when I’m back at home. SCRIBZEE® creates a high-quality file by reproducing the colours used and the papers themselves just like a real scanner would. I am now free to mark the papers when and where I want to without having to take them everywhere with me.

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