Stay in touch with your teams even at a distance with SCRIBZEE!

If you are a sales manager, project manager or account manager and spend more of your time on the move, or even abroad, than in the office, you still have to run your department and communicate regularly with your teams. This is the case for 49-year old Pascal L., who has been an export manager for a major international group since 2007. His role involves managing the distributor and agent network in countries where his company has no subsidiaries. He has adopted the SCRIBZEE® app to work remotely with his assistants and explains why he chose it.

As part of his role, Pascal L. regularly travels abroad to meet a variety of contacts in Africa, the Middle East, the Indian Ocean, the West Indies, Haiti, Guyana, and even the Pacific islands. This is a fascinating job which often means spending time away from his team in France comprising five members of staff to whom he must report information from the field as fast as possible so that they can take ownership of it and pursue the actions required.

How did you hear about SCRIBZEE®?

My relationship with the international range of OXFORD notebooks goes back a long way and they are ideal for my work. I’m already a regular SOS Notes user and so it felt natural to migrate to SCRIBZEE® at the start of the year.

How do you use the app for different tasks?

For speed and to make sure I have a copy of my information, I’ve always favoured taking notes in a notebook rather than on a computer. The thing is that I also need to be able to send them to my teams quickly at the end of a client meeting, for example. During a meeting, therefore, I organise my notes directly into a report. Then when I get back to my hotel, I scan the relevant pages with SCRIBZEE® and send them to my assistants for processing.

I also use the app on my phone to store business cards from first-time clients and prospects I meet at trade fairs. I just position them on my notebook between the guidelines and scan them like a note.

How does SCRIBZEE® help you do your job?

When I’m travelling abroad for business, what I appreciate most is being able to process the information I gather quickly on my phone and share it with my teams without going online. Best of all, I don’t have to type up all my notes on my computer before sending them. This is saves time and is more efficient!

What features do you find most useful?

Organising my notes in directories and naming them. This means that I can store my notes and send them easily, but I can also locate them quickly. Furthermore, I always have them with me, which can be very handy when I visit a distributor for refreshing my memory on key aspects of our recent conversations, especially if I’ve changed notebooks in the meantime. This makes for more effective collaboration over a series of meetings.

Another plus point is that the SCRIBZEE® “scan” feature gives me sharp, well-framed images of my notes, unlike photos taken on phone, which are difficult for my staff to decipher.

Would you recommend SCRIBZEE® to a manager?

Yes, without hesitation, not just to a manager but to anyone who is used to working and taking notes in a notebook!