Access SCRIBZEE® in a user-friendly version from any PC

SCRIBZEE Online is more user-friendly.

Why access SCRIBZEE® Online from your PC?

On a larger screen it is easier to read, organise, amend and add to your note. It also offers additional features allowing you to apply a search filter to your notes, organise folders, print notes, and view account statistics (number of notes, available storage capacity).
Every time you use it on the move or at a desk – in editing or consultation mode – you can choose the most appropriate screen: smartphone, tablet or computer.

How to access SCRIBZEE® Online

SCRIBZEE® Online can be accessed at:
Use your normal SCRIBZEE® log-in details (email address and password).

The main features of SCRIBZEE® Online

Main menu

Just like on the smartphone app, you can access:

  • Pending notes for filing
  • Filed notes
  • Alerts
  • Trash

Note menu

When you are in a note, you can:

  • Rename it
  • Change its location and move it between folders
  • Create a PDF and then email it
  • Reorder the pages
  • Add an image to the note
  • Delete pages
  • Delete the note

Filtered search

Just like on the smartphone app, you can search for a note by a keyword in the title. SCRIBZEE® Online offers a search filter feature:

  • To carry out a search, click on under the SCRIBZEE® logo at the top left-hand side of the screen
  • When you have got your search results, just click on “Filter by” on the right of the screen and choose the most appropriate criteria:

Print a note

To print a note, just click on the print icon in the menu bar above your note. You can then print the PDF file which opens in a new window.

Account details

By clicking on at the top right-hand side of the screen, you can access your account details including:

  • the number of pages and notes scanned and the number of folders created.
  • your current and remaining storage capacity on the secure Oxford cloud.

With online access to SCRIBZEE®, you have even more capability to access your handwritten notes anytime, anywhere.