A few tips for effective note-taking in meetings

Note-taking in meetings requires a range of skills that have to be coordinated: listening, understanding, selecting information and writing. With SCRIBZEE and a few good tips, you can not only optimise the process but also make it easy to use your notes afterwards. In a word: be even more efficient!

Use the right tool for better note-taking

Organise your note-taking easily using the smart ruled pages in the OXFORD INTERNATIONAL range of notebooks. As a result, you can:

  • Write the subject of the meeting and/or the name of the customer in the header at the top of the page.
  • Use the left-hand margins to highlight key information, add numbers or use symbols to identify priorities.
  • Keep the right-hand page for your notes and the left-hand one to list the actions you or members of the project team need to take.
  • Note the date in the special box at the top right of every page so you can find a note easily by flicking through the book.

Pay attention:

Noting what’s essential and discarding anything that’s superfluous: that’s the key to successful note-taking. And that means knowing how to listen. If you try to write down everything that’s said during a meeting, you’re bound to miss something important. So it’s better to keep your notes brief but useful!

Share with your teams

With the SCRIBZEE app connected to your OXFORD notebook, you can scan each of your pages of notes, file them by topic and put them together in a couple of clicks. Above all, you’ll be able to find them at any time, wherever you are, and read them whenever you want!